Our Projects

Student & Teacher Welfare Catalysing The Shared Space Between Students And Teachers

As two of the eight identified goals at 8one, Well-being and Education form parts of the fundamental core that guides the work we do, the conversations we have, and the change we wish to see in the world. Within these goals, we have repeatedly asserted the value of building healthy and growth-conducive climate in schools, keeping in mind the impact, fragility and diversity in the shared space between teachers and students. As an extension of the same, we engage in conversations with schools on how improving the connection between students and teachers can be the starting point for better learning outcomes as well as life outcomes for the students in our schools.

Youth Employability Educating Young Adults On Employability And Achieving A Long-Term Professional Career

While focusing on the goal of Employment, we have observed that there is a huge gap between the academia and the industry with respect to skill-based learning. An individual may have the potential to be gainfully employed but is often missing out due to a lack of access to expertise that can help them stimulate their career growth. In collaboration with GRADE – Global Review, Assessment and Determination of Employability, we aim to cater to this gap and aid students and individuals in their path to gainful employment.

Annual Review on the State of Sexual Harassment in India Creating Safe Workspaces For All

The Review collates research from both primary and secondary sources to assess the state of sexual harassment at workplaces. Findings from this review provide insights into how sexual harassment is currently being addressed, as well as potential next steps for creating safer workplaces.

Centre for Agricultural Prosperity Revitalising Indian Farming Ecosystem

Over the years 8one and its members have played an active role in helping the Indian farming community improve their financial situation through initiatives that have included engagements with the government, judiciary, as well as a legislative push.

AnnDefined Ancestral Wisdom And Contemporary Experimentation

Anndefined was created at the intersection between nutrition and and love and care of the authentic Indian culture. अन्नDefined brings to you a series of simple foods, which are a blend of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Global Open House Creating Spaces For Unfiltered Conversations

In collaboration with Ecocivilisation, The Global Open House is a safe and unstructured space where individuals can share their thoughts and views on any issue or topic that is relevant to them. Our vision is to have conversations that transcend boundaries.

Young Legends’ League Our Children Are Our Future

Since 2017, we have been conducting India's first football baby league for 5-13 year olds in Champhai, Mizoram and Bishnupur, Manipur. By providing them with an outlet to express themselves we brought together the community, impart life lessons and facilitate holistic development.

The F.A.I.R. Project Transform Your Thought Process

The F.A.I.R. Project, in association with the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office, is a program for indiividuals between the ages of 18 - 27 years. F.A.I.R. is a continuing conversation beyond the formal program, embarking on a mission for holistic and inclusive betterment of humanity.

Vocational Education Roadmap For VocEd

In collaboration with LabourNet, 8one prepared a Whitepaper capturing the strides made with respect to promoting vocational education across the country and providing for a framework and action plan towards ensuring an effective implementation of the Government's vocational education push through a knowledge-based training, assessment, and implementation model.

Employability Skills Review Understand The Youth

The Employability Skills Review focused on reporting the state of employability and skill-availability across different demographics. Conducted in collaboration with GRADE, the test gathers data from 10,043 students representing 1,774 academic institutions who have gained employment in 6,084 organisations.


The Draft National Education Policy was released for public comments in 2019. 8one provided its suggestions with the overarching comment being that the draft policy did not contain the depth and context that is critical for deploying a policy of such national importance.


8one submitted recommendations to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in collaboration with CII, to grant “industry” status to sports, which has presently been classified under infrastructure sub-sector. A note was drafted with descriptive and prescriptive comments on the subject, and recommendations were made to the Ministry to reassess the lack of long-term financing, CSR guidelines, and capital expenditure in sports.

HFC School Connect Sport As A Tool For Development

The HFC School Connect is an initiative of Hyderabad FC, which is supported by the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office and Borussia Dortmund, to promote football amongst the youth of Hyderabad, and those within and outside the state of Telangana.

NAWF Change At The Grassroot Level

The National Alliance for Women’s Football (NAWF) uses football as a tool to promote Gender Equality at the grassroot level. With the empowerment of women as the larger goal, NAWF seeks to increase participation by engaging both, public and private stakeholders.

IFIM/Jagsom Mainstream Social Responsibility

The Social Immersion Project by IFIM engages PGDM students to make positive social change by partnering them with NGOs across the country. The projects engage students to promote social responsibility on causes ranging from creating awareness on the UNSDGs, understanding the challenges in Indian agriculture, assessing the awareness of the PoSH Act in the formal and informal sectors, and enhancing awareness of employability.

International UNESCO Jose Marti Prize Liberty, Justice, Peace, and Equality

The International UNESCO/Jose Marti Prize was established in collaboration with the Government of Cuba to raise awareness of equality, solidarity and human rights. In recognition of our work, Ramit Singh Chimni (Co-Founder) has been appointed to the jury by the Government.

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