8one’s Flagship initiative, the Young Legends's League (YLL), has been started in partnership with the Mizoram Football Association. YLL has been recognized as India's first structured football development initiative that coincides with the Baby League Model advocated by the All India Football Federation. The aim is to engineer societal change through the region’s love for football.


The F.A.I.R. Project is organising a fully-funded, online experiential program for individuals between 18 to 27 years of age, in partnership with the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office. F.A.I.R. is a methodology of introspection which is driven by active dialogue and analysis to inculcate a mindset that focuses on what is right for all and not what benefits a few.


All applicants will be required to apply through our application interface.
Applicants need to apply online at:
Instructions related to the application are listed on the application link itself. The application link will be active from 11:59 PM on February 01, 2022, till midnight of March 20, 2022.
All applicants need to submit a 120-180 second video or audio clip answering any one of the following questions:
1. What would your ideal position be with respect to the way the world looks at any of the 8 goals mentioned in the brochure?
2. According to you, what is the biggest challenge our world faces today and why?
3. Which human achievement are you most proud of, and why?
Any applicant that is unable to submit the video or audio clip can submit a 400-word write up along with their reason for their inability to submit the video/ audio clip within 50 words.


ANNDEFINED is an initiative by 8ONE towards achieving our goal of nutrition. As a health foods brand, ANNDEFINED offers its Yogurt NutriJar, as meal supplement positioned to help people make a switch to healthy eating habits. The idea, essentially, is to bring “अन्न” back into our food. At its heart, ANNDEFINED is the starting point of a value chain that includes health food products, nutrition, education, as well as community building.





8one was founded by Varun Achreja and Ramit Singh Chimni. The Foundation aims to affect pragmatic sustainable progress, with social development taking priority over other interpretations of the term development.

Varun Achreja
Ramit Singh Chimni
Kopal Garg
Prakhar Soni
Fredy Vanlalngila
Tarundeep Singh
Anoop De Melo
Apurva Seth
Amay Kumar



8one is registered in India as Eight Goals One Foundation under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

It is headquartered in New Delhi and is working across India towards affecting pragmatic sustainable progress by way of redefining the term ‘development’.



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